Job Hunting with a Criminal Background: What You Need to Know

To lead a happy and fulfilling life, many of us need to obtain full-time employment. This ensures we have the funds available to meet our needs. If you’re job hunting, you will know how stressful the experience is already, but for those who have a criminal background, gaining employment may be harder than you first…

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5 Steps to a Job-winning Resume in 2020

Your resume is the first impression the recruiters have of you and hence can prove to be one the most crucial step in your quest for landing your dream job. Having a well-written resume is a must especially if you’re planning to apply for a job on startup tech companies. People behind startups are keen…

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Boost Your Career with These 3 Tips

We often feel stuck with our career, especially when we’ve been doing the same job – and been in the same position – for a long time. It is okay to feel that way. In fact, thinking that you need to do something to boost your career is a good step towards actually advancing in…

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How Do You Attract Your Employer’s Attention?

Photo by Simone Lovati on Flickr. Let’s face it: the era when people got out on the street with their CV in their hands is over. And so are the times when wearing your CV printed on your shirt brought some attention. Now the new rage is trying to get your employer’s attention on the…

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