Comedians Who Dare To Say the Truth About Life

You know that the best joke are the one depicting the truth, the harsh truth that almost nobody dares to say on a serious voice. That’s why if you ever listened to comedians on stage, at the end you realize the real insight his lecture had. You laugh, of course you do. It is easier…

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Even More Steve Jobs Jokes

After we had a selection of the worst (well, for sickos like us, the best) jokes about Steve Jobs’ death yesterday, today we have even more of them. The scum of the Internet still hasn’t had its last laugh on this event. Steve Jobs’ funeral will be held next week, after which he will be…

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Worst “Steve Jobs Is Dead” Jokes

So co-founder and chairman of Apple, Steve Jobs is dead and all the news feeds are clogged up with it. Well, as you’d expect it, this can’t leave the scum of the Internet indifferent. So yeah, Microsoft lovers or simply Apple haters, it’s time for some really unorthodox humor. Are you appalled? Do you think…

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Mankind vs. Earth Illustrated Jokes

Sarcastic jokes about Earth being destroyed by mankind have been and still are all over the internet and not only. We seem to harm our planet and then we start joking about it. Some of these jokes are good, some are catchy and some are…well…stupid. Nevertheless they seem to spread quite fast. But in the…

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Saudis to Finally Accept Women Driving Jokes

Since a royal decree currently prohibits Saudi women to drive, some brave ninja-look-alike burka wearers took it to the streets and protested today by driving around dressed like Sub-Zero. Although they risk being raped and killed (normal salute of driving females in Saudi Arabia), women know it’s worth it to fight for their rights. Naturally,…

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Wanna Read Some Fresh Osama Bin Laden Jokes?

After United States president Barrack Obama announced on Sunday night that Osama Bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda and, basically, the most hunted man in the world, was finally killed in Pakistan, the internet… went a little crazy. On social networks Twitter and Facebook the terrorist’s death is a trending topic, and internet users from…

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