The Proof That Lady Gaga Is Not a Cyborg

Whilst being a funny guy some decades ago, Howard Stern is still a prominent figure in the US showbiz. Toilet humor and jokes about his own vapid sexual life might not be entirely behind him, but at least he recently got Gaga performing on his radio/TV show. So here’s yet another glorious piano+vocals performance from…

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Perform this way: Weird Al Yankovic Parodies Lady Gaga

Weird Al Yankovic, photo source Do you remember Eat it, Like a surgeon, White and nerdy or Smells like Nirvana? Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new music video, a ridiculously creepy parody of Lady Gaga’s anthem Born this way. Perform this way, directed by Yankovic himself, features his face superimposed on a female…

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Lady Gaga Is Bald, Hence Talented

Lady Gaga performed bald on the Paul O’Grady Show. And then she put a wig on. All this while playing the piano. Planet Earth has imploded with talent. Is it just me or people seem to be too bedazzled by the fact that a person making millions of dollars in the music industry can actually…

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