Incredible Giant Nest Houses Created out of Nothing More Than Saplings

If you think you saw it all, guess again. Have you ever heard of the talented artist Patrick Dougherty? If the answer is no, prepare yourself for an amazing ride. This man, now in his 70’s is an art extraordinaire. In the past 30 years he has traveled the world and produced over 250 art…

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Hyperrealism of Human Beings through Sculpture

What happens when a model maker and puppeteer decides to take up sculpture? Imagine a world of fantasy characters, a world of storytelling and imagination transposed into reality. Well, that’s what happened when  London-based Ron Mueck, quit making puppets for children’s television and films and took raw materials to give life to his imagination. He…

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Interview with Master Glass Sculptor Henry Richardson

Named 2012 Design Artist of the Year by the  Design Center of the Americas, master glass artist Henry Richardson is an innovator into the field of glass sculpture. With techniques known primarily to architects, the artist uses hand-chiseled plates of glass fused through a high-intensity light welding process he innovated. Taking mainly large-scale forms, his sculptures feel translucent…

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