The Beauty of Human Curiousity and Fatalism: Lauren Baker You Blow My Mind Hang-Up Exhibition

A man moves dreamily through a primarily black and white coloured room that matches the eerie, static darkness of the winter’s evening outside. The pleasing lack of luminosity reflects the bleakness of a heart and aching soul that both Edgar Allan Poe and his morality-laden creations would be proud of. This somnambulist inhabits a fragmented…

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Moniker Art Fair 2013: A Cultural Odyssey

In this day and age, any visitor to the Old Truman Brewery in East London will be enticed by the sensual and cultural odyssey found in Brick Lane. People can appreciate a whirlwind of food products from starchy English fare to Japanese okonomiyaki ¬†as well as graffiti by artists such as Banksy. The elusive character…

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