First Apartment? 10 Things You Should Do Before Moving In

Are you moving into your first apartment? While it’s quite exciting, this time can also feel overwhelming, as there is so much to do. The only way to keep the chaos to a minimum is by planning and being organized. In this post, we’re sharing a checklist of things you should do before moving. Let’s…

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10 Of The Most Expensive Pets

Owning a pet brings joy to people across the world, but this doesn’t come cheap. Here are 10 of the most expensive animals that you can own. Provided by Freeads

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Five Artist Biographies You Should Read in 2016

Do you have objectives for this year? Well, make room for one more. Time to get inspired by some of the greatest stories, the wonders behind some of art’s most amazing geniuses. I’ve browsed the biographies shelf and these five books should definitely go on your to read list. Matisse the Master: The Conquest of…

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