12 Signs That You Should Read a Book

Open the newspaper at the entertainment page and you’ll notice the somewhat funny jokes, the infamous crossword puzzle and the horoscope. Believe it or not, most people end up reading those three little lines about our sign just for the sake of seeing if something will come out of that, and not very often something similar…

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LA’s Suburbs Revealed by Chad Kultgen

If you ever wondered how’s life in the suburbs of LA and what kind of metaphysical questions are on teenagers’ minds maybe Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen reveals the answer. LAist describes Chad Kultgen book as being A dystopian look at life in the suburbs. Sex, technology and more sex are front-and-center for the junior high…

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Supervert – Definitions of Perversity

What is perversity? Dictionary definitions would say it is anything directed away from what is right or good. Freud would say it is the ability to derive sexual pleasure from any part of the body. Freud believed that a young child is a pervert, because he would touch his body in a manner unacceptable to…

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