Worst Band Performance Ever

Amateur bands are most of the time covering classics that have marked their childhood. And it’s just so difficult not to fail unless you’re a great musician, so if they don’t put up a great performance, that’s all right. But when they completely butcher the song and it hurts your ears, well, then they’re entitled…

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Hurts Concert Streaming Live on the Internet on August 13

Photo from www.informationhurts.com Hurts is a refreshing synthpop duo from Manchaster, formed by singer Theo Hutchcraft (24 years old) and synth player, Adam Anderson (27 years old). After the amazing success of their single Wonderful Life which came out at beginning of 2010, their debut album Happiness, released later on that year, was extremely appreciated for its fresh…

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Lady Gaga Is Bald, Hence Talented

Lady Gaga performed bald on the Paul O’Grady Show. And then she put a wig on. All this while playing the piano. Planet Earth has imploded with talent. Is it just me or people seem to be too bedazzled by the fact that a person making millions of dollars in the music industry can actually…

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