5 Reasons Frankfurt is a Good to Place to live

If you just moved to Germany and decided to live in Frankfurt, you have made the perfect decision. The quality of life in Frankfurt is fantastic. It is probably the only city in Germany that compares to London and New York. There are many positive things about Frankfurt. It’s no wonder the city ranked number…

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Lauryn Hill To Play Alongside Rage Against The Machine After Birth of 6th Child

After giving birth to her sixth child last Monday, Ms. Lauryn Hill is ready to re-engage in her musical activity and holds the wild card at the L.A. Rising festival next weekend. Other names performing at the unique one day event will be Rage Against the Machine, Immortal Technique, Muse and Rise Against. While her…

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The Proof That Lady Gaga Is Not a Cyborg

Whilst being a funny guy some decades ago, Howard Stern is still a prominent figure in the US showbiz. Toilet humor and jokes about his own vapid sexual life might not be entirely behind him, but at least he recently got Gaga performing on his radio/TV show. So here’s yet another glorious piano+vocals performance from…

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