The Mad Men Effect Is Taking Over Television

Since we’re rapidly approaching the end of another brilliant television season, we can’t help but notice how many of the new series are inspired by the success of the 60’s set Mad Men. After an array of procedural, medical and legal dramas that have taken over our television in the past few years, lately, the…

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Wear Your Favorite Mad Men Outfits With Banana Republic Mad Men Inspired Line

Hit drama series Mad Men is making waves even if absent from the screens. First, it was Jon Hamm finally receiving a well deserved Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Now, the Mad Men Effect strikes again, this time in fashion. Mad Men’s fashion influence continues as Banana Republic…

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The Mad Men Effect On NY Fashion Week 2011

When NY Fashion Week was starting, on February 10th, we were curious whether the 1960 drama Mad Men will leave its mark on the collections of autumn/winter 2011. The fact that the show has been influencing fashion for the past 4 year is no secret to anyone, nor the fact that it has some gorgeous…

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