A Love Affair with Tuxedos (And How to Wear One)

James Bond wears one. Hugh Jackman wears one. George Clooney and Henry Golding wear one so well. And you’ve always wanted to wear one. Tuxedos are special. They’re fancier than suits. A tuxedo is a statement. In fact, etiquette says it’s inappropriate to wear one before 5 or 6pm because they are just too formal….

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Style tips for men – The do’s and don’ts

Style is what you make of it – it’s up to you to set the rules and wear what you truly feel comfortable with and we’re not here today to tell you what you’re strictly doing right and wrong. Instead, here’s a little guidance on some do’s and don’ts you perhaps hadn’t considered before: Do…

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A Dapper Man’s Guide to Unacceptable Summer Fashion

Warmer weather is right around the corner and with it comes a change in what we wear. For men wanting to look sharp, the summer months pose a particular challenge. Shorts, flip flops, and brighter colors don’t exactly sync up with the stark and serious styles perpetually dominating male fashion of late. It’s a balancing…

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