Why do Slavs Squat?

Just in case you haven’t already noticed the abundance of pictures with slavs squatting on the Internet in the past months and you have no idea what this means, I think we’d better start with a few prime examples: ¬†slavsquat.com has probably the best definition of the phenomenon and I quote it here: “Slavsquat –…

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The Nyan Cat Phenomenon

If you usually spend time on not so serious sites on the Internet, you definitely should’ve stumbled on Nyan Cat by now. Some say it’s mindblowing and they can’t explain why, some feel it’s like medicine for a bad day and there are even contests on how much of it you can take. Either way,…

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Rick Rolling: The Next Level

Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is known to be the epitome of trolling, the fisherman’s bait to a troll’s pouch, but like all memes, after a while it just loses its mojo. Sometimes, though, such phenomenons get reinvigorated by a highly superior troll being. So in case you’ve had an awful lot of…

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