Cartoon Style Movie Posters by Ïve Bastrash [Interview]

Ïve Bastrash‘s movie posters would make any child of the 90s nostalgic about those times when superheroes like “Batman” were our role models and when we used to watch “X-men”, “Pinky and the brain” or “2 Stupid dogs”. With the same cartoon style of the 90s and an eye for monsters, action and sci-fi, Ïve…

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Original Posters for Famous Movies and TV Series

Some while ago we wrote about Behance user Banana Pop Art, a graphic designer student who created a stir on 9gag with her logo parody, featuring Converse – Overpriced Footwear. She is now continuing her work by designing new entertaining movie posters for renowned series and films such as: House M.D., Twilight, Friends, Amelie and…

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