How Music in Movies Influences Music in General

Do movies set the pace for the music industry anymore? Which genre is taking the lead? They each have the ability to propel the other forward, but often it is the luck of a big hit on the silver screen that bring the music or an unknown artist into the foreground. Two directors who set…

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Drive Movie Features Great Soundtrack

This year’s winner at Cannes Film Festival for best Director, Drive is one of those exceptional movies you want to see over and over again. Not just for the storyline, as brilliant as it is, nor for the actors play, but mostly for the soundtrack. Inspired by leading European electronic bands like Kraftwerk, this movie…

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Inappropriate Sountracks to Famous Movies

Putting things in a different context than their original is certainly an art and some Youtube users are really great at it. Especially when it comes to adding inappropriate soundtracks to famous movies. Some of them transform drama into comedy, others even fit much better than the original, either way, it’s all a delight to…

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