Top 5 Art Galleries Created In Repurposed Places

Artist have the amazing superpower if turning something beautiful out of nothing. And this was extended not only to their work but also to the space where they present the artwork. Together with architects and interior designer they can turn a place over. All over the world there are art galleries that just beg to…

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The Inside Museum of Musical Instruments

Things in Guiness Book of Records are getting bigger and bigger and with so many gigantic things, our world is getting smaller and smaller. So we try to compensate by making enormous musical instruments. However, besides breaking a world record, is there any point to it? Fame and glory set aside, why are we doing…

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Discover a Haunted and Eccentric Prague

I don’t know this applies only to tourists or to everyone, but I can honestly say that from all the cities I’ve been to, there isn’t one that would measure up to Prague. I’m not saying it’s the best place to be since I haven’t even been in all the capitals of Europe, but I…

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