New Album Release: The 69 Eyes – Universal Monsters (out 4.22.16)

The so-called Helsinki Vampires – The 69 Eyes – are back. They just released their 11th studio album, “UNIVERSAL MONSTERS”. The album is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. As the album title refers, the band is portrayed in monster movie lightning. The vocalist Jyrki Linninkivi says: “The covers are planned and designed like old-school…

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Best Cover Songs of 2015 with a Twist

Sometimes you like covers that replicate the original song really good. You want impeccable voices, preferably as similar as possible to the artist’s voice. But in this case I was looking into covers that did not follow the same pattern, that took one song and tuned it around. They give it a new spin, so…

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Five Post-Rock Bands with under 50k Likes on Facebook

Post-rock is pretty hip these days, but many people think only at Sigur Rós or God Is An Astronaut when they hear “post-rock”. So lets see a bunch of other post-rock bands that are not that famous, but that cool! 1. Maybeshewill (United Kingdom) This is the main reason that made me write this post….

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