Dress To Impress At Your Summer Festivals

It is finally festival season and most of us already have a calendar full of events to attend throughout the summer. With all the tickets bought and the weekends away sorted, it is time to turn your attention to deciding on the perfect festival wardrobe. Parisian Wholesale know that finding the perfect outfits, trends and…

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Best Ways to Discover New Music

The world around us is constantly changing. Trends are changing, tastes are changing and people are changing. The same goes for music. People are seeking inspiration and a big part of them find it in music. Even if you have your genre already set, you may still be looking for something new, sometimes. This is…

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Distortion Copenhagen 2013

The mother of all street style festivals is going on right now in Copenhagen and needless to say, it’s a blast! Celebrating club culture, upfront dance music, street life, contemporary and social art, this annual festival is taking place all over Copenhagen. The festival is five days long and promises an amazing lineup and plenty of…

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Interview with PLAI Festival’s Main Organizer: Andreea Iager

Remember PLAI festival, the multicultural event we were telling you about earlier this month? A world music festival taking place in Romania in the middle of September in the Banat Village Museum – a place filled with tradition and history, PLAI brings together sonorities from all over the world and hundreds of cultural activities. Patrice,…

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PLAI Festival or How to Travel the World in Three Days

What if the sonorities of different cultures of the globe were brought in the same space? Add some musical diversity, art in all its possible forms, and a mix of the most interesting cultures and put everything in a location filled with tradition and surrounded by nature, in the middle of sunny September. And there…

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