FOX’s New Line-up: Two Dramas and Three Brand New Comedies

After saying a heartbreaking goodbye to ‘House M.D.‘ this spring and cancelling some (at first) promising, but (finally) disappointing shows like ‘Alcatraz‘, ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘The Finder’, FOX revealed its surprises for the fall season.  The network has in store two dramas and three comedies this year, two of the shows being scheduled to premiere…

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CW’s New Line-Up: Short and Sweet

The young adult network has five new TV shows inspired from comic books and novels perfect for their target audience. Also, most of the shows have actors who made a name in previous CW series and it will be a real treat to see them back on our television screen. Let’s check out what The…

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ABC Has A New Line-Up And It’s Full Of Surprises

We are in the middle of up-fronts, and ABC has no more than 10 new TV shows to proudly present us. And this time we have footage for every single one. However, we can’t help but notice the country flavor a couple of shows have. After we’ve said our final goodbyes to Desperate Housewives, or…

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New TV Shows Scheduled to Premiere in January

A new year means new shows to get excited about! If you’re planning on adding some new TV series on your watch list, take a look at the previews below and mark your calendars. Television’s midseason might not come with as much hype as the start of the fall season of TV, but that doesn’t…

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