“Nature Urbaine” Video Displaying Street Artists in Action by Charly et sa Drôle de Dame

Percussive folk and street art combine in the new music video for the song “Urban Nature” by French artist Charly et sa Drôle de Dame. We’re used to street art being associated with hip hop or electronic music, but this time the music video combines portraits of street artists with an original approach to folk…

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Interview: Mademoiselle Maurice’s Amazing Origami Street Art

Artists have long shown to take their talents out into the street and transform it into a museum. We’ve literally seen it all, food photography, paper art, plastic installations or coffee portraits. But this time we got in touch with a truly amazing interdisciplinary artist, who combines the art of origami with photography and painting…

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Learn to Make Great Origami Christmas Decorations

Globes, garlands, reindeers or stars. Christmas decorations haven’t changed that much over the years. That doesn’t mean that we have to satisfy our desire to decorate with just buying them. One of the simplest methods to make your own Christmas decorations has always been the art of paper-folding: Origami. Each time when we think about…

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