Almodóvar’s Creepy ‘The Skin I Live In’ Trailer Released

‘The Skin I Live In’ Poster, source When it comes to Pedro Almodóvar’s movies, you either love them or hate them. His style is so unique that you can spot it from distance. Personally, after I saw ‘La Mala Education’ I was hooked. This year, he’s back with ‘The Skin I Live In’ or ‘La…

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Antonio Banderas Reunites With Pedro Almodovar For Exciting Thriller

After starring in most of Pedro Almodovar’s earlier movies, Antonio Banderas is making a 21 years comeback under the renowned Spanish director’s command. In The Skin I Live In, Banderas is breaking out the Latin Lover pattern he’s created in Hollywood and is playing a calculating revenge-seeking plastic surgeon following the rape of his daughter. Labyrinth…

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