Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

Like we all know, pets are simple creatures that don’t need or ask for much. Give them the right care, enough food, and lots of love to keep them happy and healthy – but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your own or your friend’s fur babies. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, don’t…

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How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

Cats most often lead a sedentary lifestyle and love to eat. And if you get a bit too generous, you might end up overfeeding your cat and making it fat and heavy. It can be hard to determine whether your cat is overweight as it depends on the age, size, and breed of the cat….

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Creating A Friendly Space For Children And Pets According To Max Polyakov

How to Avoid Undesirable Behaviors of Your Dog Max Polyakov and his wife had a happy life before one accident changed everything. They always wanted to share the love they had with somebody and decided to adopt some pets. Time passed by and soon, their house was full of animals. 15 pets lived with the…

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10 Of The Most Expensive Pets

Owning a pet brings joy to people across the world, but this doesn’t come cheap. Here are 10 of the most expensive animals that you can own. Provided by Freeads

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Simon Says: You Should Know These 6 Things Before Getting A Cat

If you’re thinking about getting a cat, prepare yourself! Don’t get me wrong, cats are wonderful creatures worth having as pets but if you really want to get a taste of how your life would be like if you add a cat in the equation, watch Simon’s Cat. It will give you an idea about…

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5 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazingly Smart

Photo by Adam Raoof on Flickr. There are thousands of stories out there about cats and their intelligence. Some of them about their abilities, others about their deceitful and unfaithful character. Is the cat’s behavior amazing, after all? Do cats surprise you by their sneaky moves? We identified some obvious facts that clearly make cats…

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