Things Often Overlooked When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding yourself is an ordeal. You want it to be a happy event and surely it will be, but the planning stage is genuinely difficult. Especially when it’s your wedding and your first time doing this kind of planning! To help the wedding planning stages go smoothly, here are a few of the…

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Accidental Chinese Hipsters Photos

Have you ever wondered how living in China would be, since all that stuff has “made in China” written on it? The world’s most populated country might be restricted in some ways, and is definitely not the most popular place for hipsters to be born, but accidents do happen. And no, there is no photo…

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Ultimately Vainglorious Hipsters Photos

Hipsters – highly self-absorbed persons rubbing the universe the wrong way since 2002. They love irony, taking pictures of themselves and their pathological exhibitionism makes them really vulnerable when opposed to common sense. “Take your grandmother’s sweater and Bob Dylan’s Wayfarers, add jean shorts, Converse All-Stars and a can of Pabst and bam — hipster.” Time Magazine And that is just…

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Rihanna Covers Glamour’s September Issue

The 23-year-old phenomenon and Facebook megastar also known as Rihanna covers the September Issue of Glamour Magazine, wearing a Dolce&Gabbana top and pants and a gorgeous smile that goes perfectly with her red hot hair. Inside, she opens up about music, sex, her friendship with Katy Parry and her fellow female musicians. On being a…

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