7 Funniest Hybrid Animals That Reddit Users Made

In times of genetic mutations it’s best to keep your opinions and preferences to yourself. Not when dealing with funny animal pictures on the Internet, though. That’s safe. Many generous users from the “HybridAnimals” subreddit have been making awesome works of mutated art and shared them with the world. Some better than others, some funnier,…

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Photoshop Elements VS Photoshop: Knowing When or IF You need to Upgrade to PS

Most photographers who are beginners usually work with Adobe Lightroom. It’s low cost and does basic photo editing. However, it’s very limited in what it can do, so the logical next step is to graduate to Photoshop. That brings up the question of whether Photoshop Elements is preferred, or the complete and robust full version…

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People With Lana Del Rey Lips

Whether you love her or hate her, one thing is for sure: Lana Del Rey’s lips are simply delicious! And that is why it was just a matter of time until someone had the idea to photoshop her most awesome feature onto the faces of other celebrities. Let’s be honest: everyone could benefit from adopting…

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Celebrities Without Eyebrows

Have you ever considered how essential of a detail a person’s eyebrows can be to their general appearance? Well, you can’t really know how someone looks without them until you rip them off. Or Photoshop. And since celebrities are used to the spotlight and get all the glamour anyway, why not turn them into our…

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The Many Faces of Steve Buscemi

Everyone knows Steve Buscemi has a certain “je ne sais quoi” and that his appearance could never go unnoticed among hundreds of Hollywood stars. Still, as of recent, he has been caught acting quite strange in his public appearances. Here he was acting as a complete and utter drunkard, probably with false red-injected eyes. Wipe…

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