5 Factors that can Influence Your Photography

Whilst photographers in Winnipeg may be in the dozens, but not everyone with a camera is a professional or knows how to toy with it. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of for one to be able to click a memorable shot. It’s not just fitting the lens and…

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Inspiring Portraits: One Face, Ten Moods

Here’s a lesson of how simple ideas lead to great imagination exercises. The painter of these magical portraits, known as Dilka Bear, used a standard expression for each of them, putting the characters in different moods and circumstances. In my vision, each of this little fairies tells an interesting story. Let’s start with a first…

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Pictures From the Crazy Spanish Festival Tomatina 2011

So in 1902 some young Spaniards were unhappy and started a brawl with the local police by throwing tomatoes from the vegetable stand nearby at them. Next year they brought their own tomatoes. And since it perpetuated in the following years, it became a tradition so well kept, that right now Buñol is one of…

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Imposing Pictures From the Chinese Communist Party’s 90th Anniversary

The Chinese Communist Party has done it again. Done what? A party. Yes, one to celebrate the party. The other party. The communist one. 90 years of it. Whoa! So you’re curious of how it went? Now just look at ’em toe dancing the altogether: So basically, a grand communist celebration is like a sh*tload…

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