Amazing Murals Created From A Surfboard

Straight from the Aloha State, Sean Yoro is an Hawaiian grown artist who not only creates amazing murals but he does it while standing on a surfboard. All murals portray women swimming or bathing and they seem amazingly alive due to the reflection they have in real water. Working shot from my last painting. Mahalo…

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Inspiring Portraits: One Face, Ten Moods

Here’s a lesson of how simple ideas lead to great imagination exercises. The painter of these magical portraits, known as Dilka Bear, used a standard expression for each of them, putting the characters in different moods and circumstances. In my vision, each of this little fairies tells an interesting story. Let’s start with a first…

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Amazing Coffee And Toast Portraits

When someone says “coffee and toast” you probably think of breakfast, right? Well some people decided to use these items in a definitely more creative way. They put together loads of coffee cups or toasted slices of bread resulting some pretty impressive portraits of painted-characters, celebrities and other people. After taking a look at the…

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Fan-Art In Memoriam: Amy Winehouse

On her full name, Amy Jade Winehouse, the famous singer born in London on September 14 1983, was found dead in her apartment, on July 23 2011. But as her fans and other music lovers say, at the young age of 27, she still had a lot to offer, she was talented and if not…

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