Inspiring Quotes on #WorldBookDay

Exactly 400 years ago, two of the most appreciated writers of all times have died. In 1616, Cervantes and Shakespeare have left the humankind to grieve. To honor their memory, 23rd of April has become the World Book Day. Literature is a treasure of the soul. It is said that books make you richer and…

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The Routine of a Modern Life

Alarm rings. Snooze. Get up. Wash face. Brush teeth. Dress up. Eat. Go to work. Work. Get home. Shower. Do chores. Feel exhausted. Fall asleep. In any order you put it, this a normal day of our life. And it’s funny how easy it is to create a pattern that simply adapts for everybody. Modern…

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Inspirational Quotes from Famous Artists

One might think that a person who’s skilled in handling the brushes, or working with chisels won’t know how to inspire through words. This is far from true. Every human being who’s driven by passion will inspire in every single way. I browsed a lot the words of famous artists and it’s almost impossible to…

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WTF Yearbook Quotes

Besides being a highlight of the school year and a commemoration of the past, yearbooks have always been a hall of shame, among others. Outdated hairstyles, well that’s rather ordinary. But there are some people who would do just about anything to appear as quirky in the eyes of others. Photos from dailymindfuck and smosh.

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