10 Rainy Day Do’s and Don’ts for Dressing

Welcome to the rhythm of the weather: where the most blissful sunny day turns into droplets of waterfalls from the murky dark clouds. And who doesn’t want to stay cozy with a hot cup of cappuccino by the side of a window and rejoice in the rainy weather? Getting out of bed in the rain…

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15 Songs About Rain That Are Not Creedence Clearwater Revival

Yes, I’ve seen the rain. Many times. And I don’t know who’ll stop it, but I know it’s fascinating especially when you add some music to it. I assume if you’re reading this you might already be old enough to let weather influence your mood, activities, any sort of habits, and pretty much the course…

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If It’s Raining, Have Some Tom Waits

Yes, you know Tom Waits, the friendliest embodying of Satan on Earth. Raspy voice, boozed up and covered in smoke in some obscure bar. Giving the impression of music played on a worn-keys piano, yet still managing to sound like the classiest piece of jazz you’ve ever wanted to encounter on a drunk evening. But…

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Let it Rain! Several Ways to Fight Bad Weather

The last week of September is probably the moment when you realize good old summer is over. Even if once in a while you get to see over 25 degrees, it is time to accept it is done. Autumn is here. And we have to be prepared! After finding your tune for fighting with bad…

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Useful Tips For A Rainy Day

Everyone knows how gloomy or miserable a rainy day can make you feel. But why let that happen? Time is precious so you should take advantage of every moment and make the best of it. After all, it’s just a matter of perception. Just give it a try and see how these tips can help…

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