Simple Ways To Make Cash From Home

October saw the number of unemployed Romanians jump to 4.0%, according to See News. There were 370,000 jobless individuals in the country in October, up by 15,000 compared to September’s figures. With growing unemployment, it’s only natural for people to seek out ways to generate an income from the comfort of their home and, in…

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Vote Responsibly! Established European Politician Blames Jews For Everything

Gheorghe Funar, 67, used to be Cluj-Napoca’s mayor for 12 years, a member of the Romanian parliament for 4 years and one of the most well known political figures of his country. In an interview for the Romanian publication ‘Adevarul’ he unexpectedly embarked on an anti-semitic rant that raises major concerns about his mental health….

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Amazing Photos of the Frozen Black Sea

The latest Eastern – European cold snap has brought delayed trains and flights, closed roads and houses buried under several feet of snow. However, despite all those bad things, the cold also brought some amazing photo opportunities. And the best one is the recently frozen Black Sea. The fairytale-like photos made the news around the…

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