Top 6 Crime TV Shows You Have to Watch

We all have a natural attraction for mysteries. From the first Agatha Christie novel to complex plots and video games, we like a bit of suspense in our activities. Although many of us have the fear of the unknown, reading a mystery novel, watching a movie or a TV show, playing a game, they all…

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What Type of Serial Killer Are You?

To catch a killer you have to think like a killer is the motto of the successful CBS TV series Criminal Minds. In every episode, the BAU team tries to catch psychopaths, sociopaths, mentally ill, or plain crazy individuals that kidnap and kill their victims in unimaginable ways. To catch and convict them, they use a profile…

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Six Capital Mistakes After Murdering Someone

OK, now everyday life might get you in a situation where you have to dispose of a body. An ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, some annoying visitor, or simply just a clerk that wouldn’t treat you right so you had to wait until his shift was done and follow him home with a shovel. You know, that…

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