Top Secrets Of Amazing Sex Life You Didn’t Know About

Let’s do some maths. An average person lives for 80 years. Let’s subtract 18 years of childhood and teenage years. Then, let’s take away 10 more years of old age. We have 52 years left. One-third of the life people spend sleeping. So now, we have 34 years left. Half of it most of us…

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The Evolution of Sex Toys and How They Have Developed as Society Has Become More Accepting

Sex toys are nothing new, although the modern battery-powered silicon penises we know and love today bear little resemblance to the carved stone or wooden phallic objects much beloved by our ancestors. So how have sex toys developed and why have they become so mainstream in modern society? Phallic Objects Phallus shaped objects have been…

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Pictures From a Sex Toy Factory in China

Ever wondered where silent wives actually come from? Those that don’t bug you, stay put and their sole purpose is to offer you company and pleasure? Well, obviously, from China. Unfortunately I’m not talking about actual Chinese women that can also cook, those might be a bit harder to get discreetly shipped in a box…

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Infographic: Scandalous Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

From a taboo topic that everybody avoided, sex toys have become valuable exhibits highly appreciated by the public in the biggest sex museums around the world. But there are surprising facts that we didn’t know about the sex toys industry, an industry which has boomed in the last few years and estimated to outreach even…

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