Top Secrets Of Amazing Sex Life You Didn’t Know About

Let’s do some maths. An average person lives for 80 years. Let’s subtract 18 years of childhood and teenage years. Then, let’s take away 10 more years of old age. We have 52 years left. One-third of the life people spend sleeping. So now, we have 34 years left. Half of it most of us…

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Sexually Transmitted Infection Can Spread At Any Age Irrespective of Number of Partners

Many people think that having just one sex partner keeps them safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Well, you may be surprised to hear that this is not completely true. You should know that STDs don’t spread only through sexual interactions. They can be spread through seemingly innocuous actions like kissing, for example. Also, individuals who…

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Rebranded Condoms

While there are many peculiar condoms out there already, a little imagination exercise has been done in linking a product with an already well-established brand. Taking a company’s slogan and adding it to a condom seems to work pretty well. Even spectacular with some brands, looking like the message everyone’s been waiting for before opening a…

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Peculiar Condoms for the Weird Minded

Everyone knows about funny-shaped or fruit-flavored condoms and every now and then one might even use those, right? But sometimes the condom manufacturers have some ideas that stretch the boundaries of being inventive to being plainly absurd. Those lollipop-ones aren’t that bad, actually, are they? Photos from

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The Geek Finding The Sex Partner

Photo by Rodrigo Paoletti on Flickr. I said SYN She replied ACK And I was like SYN+ACK?! Wow cool; let’s grab a drink. So I asked her Accept-encoding: on-rocks, soda? She replied Content-length: 50ml Content-encoding: on-rocks So we consumed the first GET Did some parallel requests for the resources Then… GET /wanna-go-home-see-my-brand-new-core-i5-laptop 200 OK she…

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