Look Sexy And Sweet In Plus Size Swimwear

Plus size women often find it difficult finding swimwear and other apparel in their size at regular department stores and this is because plus-sized shoppers have always been an overlooked demographic. Most retailers only carry a small inventory of plus size clothing despite the fact that most people are not a size zero to four!…

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Martina Hill, the Sexy Comedian

First of all, when you think of German women you don’t think of humour. Most of the time you don’t even think of good looks for that matter, although there are great exceptions. But a certain 38 year old from Berlin makes all these prejudices shatter. Starting off working in radio, then parodying Heidi Klum…

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Best 9 Songs About Big Bottoms

Although the modern perception of beauty standards seems constructed around a pedophile’s desires, with anorexic models resembling girls who haven’t even menstruated yet, there is a niche that will never die. And that is the niche of big derriere lovers. Like any thing of such social value, it has an impact in music, great artists…

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