Perfect Booty For Those Tiny Shorts

Tiny shorts, form-fitting dresses, dreamy bikini pieceā€¦ That and so much more is in store when you use this regimen. Every woman wants to turn heads with her curves. While men crave huge muscles and chiseled chests, women want the perfect booty to fill their pants perfectly. Cellulite is a menace that thousands of women…

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Jan Svankmajer’s Surrealist Works of Art

Creatures made out of bones, paper collages, pieces of meat mating, dolls and plasticine – all this represents just 0,1% of Jan Svankmajer’s surrealist art. Bones, dolls and a very peculiar interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. This is how I could sum up Jan Svankmajer’s Alice. The rabbit hole to Wonderland has been closed but…

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