Charlie Sheen to Star in a New Sitcom Called Anger Management

Charlie Sheen, photo from Wikipedia. After weeks of rumors, a new sitcom starring the one and only winning guru Charlie Sheen was officially announced as a done deal by Mad Men producer Lionsgate and distributor Debmar-Mercury. Apparently the show will be based on the 2003 comedy Anger Management, with Sheen filling the Jack Nicholson role….

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Seinfeld Fans Challenge

For all the fans of the funniest sitcom about nothing here’s a picture that should definitely grab your attention. How many episode references can you spot in it? (guaranteed there’s at least 90 of them) And if you just can’t figure out too many of them and you give up, well¬†here they are all. But…

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5 Seasons Of Teenage Humor With Daria [Poll]

You remember Daria Morgendorffer. If you don’t, she’s in high-school and she’s smarter than everybody else.¬† What she is is just a normal reaction to the external environment. Oh and did I mention that she used to be on MTV? Now, I know what you’re thinking: Beavis and Butthead. I have only two words for…

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