Italy Sees Off Germany

With a header and a very well directed shot, Balotelli seems to have been the positive hero this time, as he was undeniably the man of the match by scoring 2 goals. The Euro 2012 has experienced lots of racist chanting, with UEFA fining several football associations, among which the Russian one, which was made…

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Worst Seats On Stadiums Around the World

Going to see a game. Sometimes it might get costly, but most of the time it’s worth it, if you’re actually a fan of sports. The problem, though, is that even some of the best stadiums have bad seats. So what would you say if a friend of yours invited you to a game and…

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How Soccer Got Cool in Portland

American soccer has breached a new height in popularity last week, following Timber Joey’s passion and devotion to show what the beautiful game truly is about. So, of course, we thought soccer is just a sissy sport the British invented, consisting of 22 ladies diving around the pitch hoping to obtain things known as free-kicks…

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