Five Ways Artists Can Boost Their Social Presence

The Internet has transformed the way we live since most of us are using social networks on a daily basis. More than that, we can interact more easily and create even professional connections. If we are speaking about artists, they have much more opportunities for their professional career. From my perspective, the first way artists…

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Is Vaping Better for Your Social Life Than Smoking?

By now, everybody is aware of the vape trend, and if anything, it seems to be growing, rather than passing over like the hipster fad some people predicted it was going to be a few years back. People using electronic cigarettes have become a common sight on nights out and in cities all over the…

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Why Staying in Is the New Going Out

There’s nothing quite like the glamming up to get ready for a night out – the music’s on, the wine is flowing and you’re toting the hair straighteners. Three hours have passed and you’re lamenting the slow evolution of a third arm, you’ve sweated your make up off and you suddenly realize that it’s still…

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