Robert Bartholot’s Unique Approach to Photography [Interview]

Robert Bartholot is a Berlin-based photographer and art director with a passion for still life photography and graphic design. He’s worked with popular brands such as Armani, Diesel and Playstation, but also on numerous personal projects, time during which he has developed a powerful, ironic and a bit eccentric style of photography. Influenced by working for 3 years…

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Interview with PutPut Art Group – Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary

PutPut is a Swiss/Danish group based in Copenhagen, who is redefining the perception of common situations of everyday life and objects. Trying to fill the space between input and output, as they call it, they combine photography with sculpture, art installations and publishing, with the purpose of surprising the audience by transforming the ordinary into…

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Conceptual Art of Horacio Salinas

Photographer Horacio Salinas makes a habit out of transforming simple everyday objects in unusual scenarios and original shots. Based in New York, the conceptual still life photographer has worked with publications such as Vogue, New York Times and GQ for fashion editorials and articles. In describing his work, he says: “If I have to do…

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