Willard Suitcases, Unpacking The Lives Of Asylum Patients

Jon Crispin’s photographic effort is quite peculiar. He started two Kickstarter campaign to help him achieve in what is one of the most emotional galleries about asylum patients. Willard Psychiatric Center was closed in 1995 by New York State Office of Mental Health and was transformed in a rehabilitation center. During this shift one employee…

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Inspiring Portraits: One Face, Ten Moods

Here’s a lesson of how simple ideas lead to great imagination exercises. The painter of these magical portraits, known as Dilka Bear, used a standard expression for each of them, putting the characters in different moods and circumstances. In my vision, each of this little fairies tells an interesting story. Let’s start with a first…

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Su Blackwell’s Art in Advertising

Remember Su Blackwell’s artistic books? When I first saw them I almost fell in love; they contain two of the things I personally couldn’t live without: books and art. And lately, her art seeped even in advertising. Photo from Wonderful Photos She started out by cutting out characters from old books and creating dioramas. But…

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