Dress To Impress At Your Summer Festivals

It is finally festival season and most of us already have a calendar full of events to attend throughout the summer. With all the tickets bought and the weekends away sorted, it is time to turn your attention to deciding on the perfect festival wardrobe. Parisian Wholesale know that finding the perfect outfits, trends and…

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Get Your Florals Ready for Summer

It’s safe to say that spring is definitely on its way, with summer following closely behind. As the temperatures start to rise and the sun shows its face more frequently, our choices in fashion change drastically to reflect the weather. Saying goodbye to darker shades and instead opting for bright colors and light fabrics, spring…

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Spring – Summer Fashion for 2016

Now that spring has finally sprung and the weeks are warming up, are you giving some thought to what you’re going to wear on warmer days? If you’ve a passion for fashion, be sure to follow top fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad’, Nicole Warne of ‘Gary Pepper Girl’ and Gabi Gregg…

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Match Your Summer with the Perfect Sunglasses

Want to know the secret of a perfect summer? It lies in a little box and comes in many shades. I guess it’s pointless to prolong this little trivia, because we all know the answer. The unmistakable leader of the accessories pack during summer in a pair of cool sunglasses. Have you walked on a…

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Summer Fashion Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid This Summer

There seems to be something about the warmth of the summer season that encourages able bodied adults to put on the strangest things. Not sure whether this is the result of the scorching hot temperatures that somehow fry their abilities to dress accordingly or the carefree attitudes of “summer break” that makes them believe they…

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