Comic Horror from Supernatural

Supernatural is a series based right on its name; that it is supernatural. It is inspired from various urban myths of America, with an attempt to unveil the mystery behind some of them, or just simply scare the living daylights out of you. The series takes a dark tone, with our main heroes Dean &…

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TV Shows You Could Watch This Halloween

Get the Halloween spirit into your heart with a few sitcoms that are very appropriate for a Halloween night! Some were designed to be freaky, others freak you out just for Halloween.  Pick your favorite and start the marathon. Grimm Grimm is a new show that tells the story of the descendants of the Grimm…

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Halloween Special: Ten Freaky Creatures from ‘Supernatural’

Although nowadays the TV show ‘Supernatural’ tends to be more funny than scary, if we look back we realise it had a lot of  creepy and ‘hands over eyes’ moments over the years. For more than 130 episodes, the Winchesters have hunted several freaky creatures, including demons, ghosts, angry spirits and odd pagan gods, most…

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Supernatural: The Animation

This year Supernatural  fans have two great reasons to be excited since Warner Bros not only announced that a 7th season is in the making, despite the show being initially planned for  5 seasons, but an animated version of  the popular TV series will soon be released, as well. Supernatural is one of the few…

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