Project Highlight: Beyond Abstraction

When you look at a piece of art, what instantly enters your mind? Do you think that the artist came up with the idea of their work randomly? Perhaps they put so much thought of it? In most cases, it’s always a product of their imagination. Artists are very gifted individuals that can find inspiration…

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15 Epic, Mind-Twisting Paintings Of Rob Gonsalves

When it comes to paintings things get really subjective. Art is easily interpretable and it takes a keen eye to really be able to appreciate techniques and symbolism. But there are a certain type of art works that are appealing to the large majority: optical illusions. We’re attracted to the mystery and amazed how easily…

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Modern Life Translated into Traditional Media in Dario Mekler’s Paintings

Dario Mekler is a graphic designer and illustrator from Argentina. Using colors to attract the viewer in an aesthetically pleasant way, his works ironizes modern living, with a subtle note of pessimism. With tribal elements, his images have a somehow futuristic aspect, a colorful world where the viewer is invited to reflect for a moment…

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