Five Activities for Creating Unusual Art

When we talk about art, people usually think only about painting, sculpting, architecture, music and photography. But the modern era has though us that there are so many other things one can do and raise it to the rang of art. It takes passion and commitment, it implies years of practice and thousands of trials…

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Girl Tattooes Guy’s Face After One Week of Dating. Guy Sells T-shirts of His Face

What would you say if the girl you’ve been with for one week told you that she loved you? That’s not enough time for her to know you to say that, right? Well then what would you say if she tattooed your face on her body? Permanently. So of course, such stupidity had to spread…

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Where to Get Inked – Tattoo Conventions in the Last Weekend of August

Either you are just a fan of body art and like to admire it, or you are the rebellious spirit that express itself through his body, bellow you can find a list of the best tattoo conventions in the world, all taking place at the end of August. So, pack light and let’s see where…

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Temporary Tattoos Revived

Childhood tattoos sold as inserts in bubble gums might have planted a wish to sport tattoos in some of us, but having a cartoon character on your face just can’t feel too right anymore. So now, after all these years that wish morphed and it’s ready to materialize in quality ink and classy designs made…

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