How to Throw the Perfect Casino-Themed Party

If you’re looking for a theme for your next party, you should consider a Vegas-slash-casino aesthetic. This fun style can really supercharge your party, giving a glitzy, glamorous feel and also giving your guests plenty to look at and talk about. Of course, it’s one thing talking about throwing the perfect Vegas party, and quite…

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How To Create Spooky Halloween Party Invitations

So let’s recap a bit the Halloween essentials and see what we managed to cover already. You should have your decorations done by now, but if you somehow got delayed, take a look over these cheap do it yourself decorations which will turn your house into a proper setting for the celebration in no time…

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Five Halloween Party Ideas To Impress

Looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween? Well, then probably a simpe costume party is not gonna cut the chase. The true beauty that relies in this holiday is its versatility. Play tricks on your guests, transform imagination into reality and create a night to remember. So if you want to maximize the potential…

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The Eating Habits of a Star Wars Nut

Some people love the clear sky in a summer night, others simply want to see stars everywhere. And others have developed an obsession for Star Wars. The breakfast of every Luke Skywalker could probably look something similar to the pictures below. First you destroy the watermelon Deathstar, then you get a kick out of crunching…

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