Trending Halloween Costumes of 2015

Time to prepare your Halloween costume. With a day left until the magic night, you must try a cool outfit. If you plan on buying something new, trying a new makeup or sewing something, start at least one day earlier, you don’t want to panic and miss out the party. Remember that this is the time…

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10 Upcoming Movies to Watch in 2012

We’ve seen the bad and the good that 2011 had to offer when it comes to movies, and now it’s time to take a peek at what to expect from 2012. Here are 10 movies you should also be looking forward to next year. The Hunger Games Set in a future where the Capitol selects…

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Hallmark’s Alice vs. Tim Burton’s Alice

Alice is Wonderland is one of the benchmarks of children’s books. And though not all people have read the book, I can bet that they have seen at least one of the movies. There are tens of them, animated or non-animated, dozens of movies that depict more or less the same story that has enticed…

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Tim Burton’s Oyster Boy

Since I’m a Tim Burton nut (as I’m sure some of you are), I’m very interested in picking the brains of this most unusual director. So I though I’d give you some more (burtonian) food for thought. I’m thinking about your health so on the short movie menu today we have a main course that…

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Vincent by Tim Burton

How many famous Vincents do you know? Vincent Price, Vincent van Gogh, Vince Vaughn you can complete the list with as many as you can find. Today I’ve set to add one more to your personal list of famous Vincents. Remember those cartoons in which the characters had a dilemma and it was sided by…

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