How To Survive a Hectic Day At the Office

Your phone is ringing off the hook, your inbox is so full it’s almost shouting at you, you’re scared you’re going to miss your deadlines and, by lunchtime, you are functioning mostly on caffeine. No wonder so many of us get home exhausted, stressed out and so tired that we think a temporary coma would…

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Songs You Should Listen to when You’re Stressed

There are those days when you simply want to pull out your hair just because you’re having an unproductive day¬†or because you didn’t manage your time very well and you have many deadlines approaching. And you resort to certain inefficient stress-relievers (pacing up and down, smoking or just plain yelling). Yet you could try replacing…

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Organizing and Prioritizing Techniques

We allow many activities (i.e. daily Facebook) to take up a lot of our time, time that we usually complain about lacking. Truth be told, we don’t know how to deal with the time we have on your hands. Time management is all about prioritizing your tasks. Here you will find four methods to manage…

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4 Things to Avoid for Better Time Management

We always complain that we don’t have time to complete all our tasks. But we don’t have the guts to admit the fact that it’s only our fault. Have no fear, there are ways to reduce our time-wasters. Avoid procrastination It usually occurs when a larger task is involved. This is your best false friend….

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8 Reasons Why Your Dreams Don’t Come True

Photo by Dave Stagner on Flickr. We all have dreams or things that we’ve always wanted to learn, but somehow never manage to accomplish them. Either it’s learning a foreign language, starting a blog about a hobby or improving some skills in a certain domain, there’s a lot out there each one of us has…

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