The Best Hotels to Use in Tenerife

There are few better destinations for a summer holiday than Tenerife. The largest of the Canary Islands, it has something for everyone whether you want to hike in stunning natural surroundings, flop on the beach all day or go snorkeling. As such a big island, it is also hard to know where to stay and…

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Why Cuba is Perfect for Adventure Seekers

Cuba has always been a somewhat mysterious island which many fantasie about visiting. Not too many people get to experience Cuba and this makes it even more appealing to intrepid travellers. Those that do visit find a beautiful, colourful and vibrant country with signs of its history everywhere. For those that like adventure with their…

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Discover a Haunted and Eccentric Prague

I don’t know this applies only to tourists or to everyone, but I can honestly say that from all the cities I’ve been to, there isn’t one that would measure up to Prague. I’m not saying it’s the best place to be since I haven’t even been in all the capitals of Europe, but I…

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