Artist Interview: Simona, a Collectible Teddy Bear Artist

This is not your regular cup of tea. It’s a sweets, heart warming one, I can assure you. We’ve met Simona Benetyte-Mikutaviciene through our submissions section, which gets more crowded every day. (Thank you all!) Her art is just amazing, her Teddy bears are not regular toys, they have personalities, they are carefully crafted and…

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Let the Kids Play: Techno Viking Action Figure

It’s 2012 and it looks like this is the right time to have an action figure inspired from a person who rose to fame on the almighty Internet. Remember that 5 years old meme with the “bare-chested man wearing a Thor’s hammer┬ápendant”? In YouTube years that’s ancient, right? Forget about Action Man, dinosaurs, cowboys and…

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