List of TV Shows to Learn More About Student Life

If you’re interested in student life, you’re either a former student who wants to remember how it was to study at college or you’re studying at school and planning to continue your education in college after a year or more. Future applicants who want to learn more about student life are very eager to enter…

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One Punch Man: 11 Facts for Die-Hard Fans!

One-Punch Man is a comedy superhero. Nobody could have anticipated the worldwide success it achieved after its first season. It started off as a very simplistic manga that had its anime adaptation and becomes a worldwide sensation after the release of just one season. If you watch anime a lot, it’s very likely you’ll have…

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Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic TV Series to Watch

We are talking about the apocalypse more and more every day. Still we rarely refer to the actual biblical scenario. A zombie outbreak, an alien invasion or a deadly virus are the first things that pop in our mind. Most of the following TV Series fall under this category, and the script is basically the…

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Top 6 Crime TV Shows You Have to Watch

We all have a natural attraction for mysteries. From the first Agatha Christie novel to complex plots and video games, we like a bit of suspense in our activities. Although many of us have the fear of the unknown, reading a mystery novel, watching a movie or a TV show, playing a game, they all…

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New TV Shows Scheduled to Premiere in January

A new year means new shows to get excited about! If you’re planning on adding some new TV series on your watch list, take a look at the previews below and mark your calendars. Television’s midseason might not come with as much hype as the start of the fall season of TV, but that doesn’t…

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