“URAYCAMUY” – Transforming Urban Spaces Through Art in Camargo, Bolivia

Artists have always tried to reimagine urban spaces through art. From street art to art installations or transmitting social messages, architects and designers are re-imagining simple and forgotten places in cities all around the into more dynamic and beautiful spaces. Such a transformation has also happened in Camargo, Bolivia, due to the XII Latin American…

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Literature vs Traffic – A River of Books Floods the Streets of Melbourne

Luzinterruptus, the anonymous art group who highlights the beauty of public spaces using only light and creativity, turned the appearance of the cold Federation Plaza from Melbourne into a cozy space filled with lit up books. By recreating a similar installation they carried in New York – Literature vs Traffic, the pedestrian space was flooded…

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Plastic Bags – The New Urban Art Trend

What would you do with a plastic bag ? The answer would probably be to use it at shopping or to store something in it. After a while they multiply so much that eventually you will abandon them in a corner or throw them to the trash. A group of anonymous artists called Luzinterruptus in…

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