The Best Vape Devices for Days Out

Vape devices are becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. There are several vape devices on the market, and all are relatively easy to use from day-to-day. However, it is important that you choose the best device for your needs. If you’re someone that travels a lot for work or fun, or if you’re simply planning…

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What Should You Be Putting in Your E-Cig

Individuals just getting into the world of vaping are likely just getting accustomed to the many varieties of vape juices for sale.  Flavors can range from standard menthol and tobacco flavors to desserts, candy, and cereal flavors. There are even many outlandish flavors that you can try if you think you’re brave enough such as…

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Is Vaping Better for Your Social Life Than Smoking?

By now, everybody is aware of the vape trend, and if anything, it seems to be growing, rather than passing over like the hipster fad some people predicted it was going to be a few years back. People using electronic cigarettes have become a common sight on nights out and in cities all over the…

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